Hi all!

I’m Rebecca. I’m an avid crafter, who loves to crochet, is still trying to figure out how to not get frustrated when I knit, and likes using beautiful paper to make greeting cards. I really like making amigurumi – cute little stuffed animals. I’m headed to McGill in September to study Speech-Language Pathology (Woo Hoo! Four years of studying paying off!). Studying full time won’t leave me with much free time for crafting, but I’ve never let that stop me before.

Depression has been my companion for the past few years of my undergraduate degree, and crafting is my healthy outlet for blue days. Discovering how much I loved to create things has been a wonderful way for me to start feeling better on days when I’m down.

This blog is designed to be a fun place for me to share what I’ve been crafting, and how I’ve been feeling, along with any patterns I develop for crocheted animals, scarves, and other things.

You can buy things that I’ve made through my Etsy store at CraftedByNishimura. I also take commissions through Etsy messages. This can be pretty much anything crocheted, your choice of size, colour, pattern etc.