What’s Hooking: Chevron Lace

This is your chance to see what I’m making. This week, it’s been a few different things, but I’ll confine myself to the things I started yesterday. Using patterns courtesy of Tamara Kelly at Moogly, I’m making  pair of fingerless gloves and a matching infinity scarf. I finished off the gloves yesterday afternoon, and am pretty happy with how they came out.

This project started yesterday with a trip to Pembroke courtesy of my dad and grandma (Sidenote: I should really get my driver’s licence, then this whole “going places that sell yarn and buttons” would be a lot easier). I didn’t even plan to buy any yarn, just some buttons to finish off a hat.

I should know better than to think I “won’t buy yarn” when I’m going anywhere that sells yarn. It’s just so much fun to plan new projects and buy new yarn. Naturally, I always have yarn for more projects than I can possibly be doing at one time, but I can only buy yarn sometimes, so of course I just have to stock up.

So, I came away with cute buttons to finish off the hat, made with another Moogly pattern (Ups and Downs Crochet Beanie). It was super fun to make, although I had some problems making the first few quadruple treble crochet stitches. It’s a little tricky to keep the tension perfectly even over so many yarn over’s. Finishing off by looping the tall stitches together to form the two braids was really cool though, and completely worth the small argument with the super tall stitches I had earlier.


I also wound up with yarn, because it was on sale and who can pass that up. Including some variegated purple yarn that I’m using for my current project: the Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf.

What I really like about this pattern is that the chevron pattern is a simple two row repeat. Once you get going, it works up nice and quickly, and can be done while watching a TV show or something. If you’re me, it’s happening while watching Star Trek: Enterprise, because I recently finished Next Generation for the second time. No, I don’t have a problem. I can stop watching Star Trek any time I want. Really.

In other news, I just got AmiguruME Pets: Make Cute Crochet Animals in the mail, and am excited to start making up some more cute little crocheted animals…as soon as the yarn I ordered for this arrives. Are you sensing a pattern involving me having too much yarn? My family sure is. But I wanted to get some nice browns, blacks, and whites for animals. As soon as I have a chance to play with some of the patterns in my new book, I’ll let you know what I think.

Have I given you some ideas for your next project? No? Darn, you’ll just have to check back later and see if something else I’m making inspires you.