Hello World

Hi everyone (probably my family, but maybe some friends and other humans),

This space is all about me! Just kidding, I don’t really buy into that whole self-centred thing. Actually, I’d rather you ignored me and took this opportunity to look at things that I make. And make some along with me. Heck, I’d just as soon use this as a chance to see what you’re making as use it as a chance to show you what I’m up to.

Today’s been pretty dismal, with rain, rain and more rain. This is not suitable weather for the end of May. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be getting warmer and sunnier, not colder and rainier. Worse yet, I tried knitting again this morning. It’s not that I’m bad at it, per se, just that I find it slow, and frustrating and I somehow stab myself in the finger a lot. Well, the best way to make up for depressing weather is to do something cheerful, so today I decided to make some happy, sunny cards.

Of course, the first thing to do is to take out my handy Fiskars paper cutter. I picked a small one, with a fold out ruler, because I’m usually crafting in a small space. In fact, until I move back to Montreal in September or so, all of my card crafting has to be portable. It can come out while I’m working, but better go away when I’m not. No leaving beautiful paper spread all over the table, because then we wouldn’t be able to have dinner. That’s okay though, cards are one of those crafts that don’t need a big space to express big ideas.

I always start with a piece of 8.5″x11″ cardstock, which I cut in half to make two cards that will be 4.25″x5.5″. Then I got out my trusty paper stash to see what inspired me today. Yellow and orange were my colours of choice, to make up for the gray outside.


One particular sheet struck me as perfect for doing a little stamping and embossing on, so I dug out my stamp collection and picked a few things that look great in sunny yellow: Sea shells, and a singing bird. Well…maybe not for the same card, but I definitely wanted to use both today.


Starting with the singing bird, I decided what better song to sing than Happy Birthday. So, armed with some blue and green paper, my bird stamp, and a happy birthday stamp, I got started.

I thought it looked a bit empty, so I added a big sunflower stamp, inked in black, and then carefully coloured in with some pencil crayon, to end up with this.


Enough about the bird. Let’s think seashells. For this card, I wanted something fairly simple, and decided to use my seashells to set off the corners of a square with a greeting in it. After picking a cheerful floral paper for the background, I cut out my gold embossed shells and my square of black paper, stamped and embossed “Congratulations” on the centre of the paper, and glued it together.



They weren’t exactly the sunny cards I first envisioned when I set out to create today, but there’s definitely some cheerful yellow and other bright colours. All in all, it only took about half an hour to come up with two fun little cards for the day. Best of all, I perked right up as I played with my cards.

Maybe I’m even ready to take another stab at this hat. Well, hat-to-be that almost, but not quite, looks like it’s on it’s way.

Til next time. Happy Crafting!